How the Bock orchid got on the counter

The Swiss may have invented Ricola or perhaps clockwork... But we at Bock Bio Science have developed the process for cloning orchids to the point where they are ready for series production and are one of the reasons why you can buy Phalaenopsis orchids in florists or retailers at all..



The RoBo®Cut - a world first for the fully automated production of plants "in vitro" also comes from our company and is revolutionizing the global agricultural and horticultural industry! State-of-the-art automation, artificial intelligence, sophisticated 3D image recognition, state-of-the-art high-performance robotics, a high-precision laser and software are combined in a smart and highly innovative technology. The patented RoBo®Cut system for automated division of plants is an active contribution to "planting more plants" and promotes the preservation of a world worth living in. More Infos about RoBo®Cut click here:



Orchid Day

Today, on the day of the orchids, April 16th, 2021, everything revolves around the colorful and exotic beauties. With more than 25,000 species and well over 100,000 hybrids, orchids belong to the most species-rich family (the Orchidaceae) that the flora has always had to offer. The Phalaenopsis genus in particular, better known as the swan or butterfly orchid, is very popular in this country and has one of the most varied appearances of all orchid species.

As an orchid lover, you must have stumbled across a buck phalaenopsis long ago and you already have a beauty from our house on your windowsill. But who and what is Bock Bio Science anyway?

Bock - over 95 years of science

We at Bock Bio Science are the specialists for plants of all kinds propagated in tissue culture and produce young plants of our own and exclusive customer varieties all year round. In the meantime, we can look back on more than 95 years of breeding tradition and preservation of the most demanding varieties, such as the Helleborus or the Heuchera, especially the Phalaenopsis genus.

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Bremer Gründungspreis 2021
RoBoTec PTC wins Bremer Gründungspreis 2021
Happy days at RoBoTec PTC. Every year, the Sparkasse Bremen, together with the Starthaus Bremen, awards the Bremen start-up prize.

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